Vatican: Unholy Alliance

Vatican had continued to make a difference to Studd City, crime was at an all time low and for the first time in decades the people of the city felt safer.

Many believed that the city's guardian angel was to thank, but unfortunately some people did not share in the praise of Vatican and plotted to rid the city of his meddling ways.

An alliance has been formed, an alliance to bring down The Angel of Justice... An Unholy Alliance.

* For mature readers only. Contains sex, violence & bad language.

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Reviews for Vatican: Unholy Alliance

Baz West

A fantastic 3rd book in the Vatican series, kept me feeling tense most the way through trying to second guess what was gonna happen and being suprised each time. There’s so much more to come from this series I can feel it.
And a totally unexpected ending. Another 5 star book by Dan Barnes.

Vatican: Unholy Alliance

Pete Stevens

Another stella episode in the world of Thomas Gabriel Aka Vatican. The first two books have really built the saga nicely. This one I wasn't sure would bring the end to it but it has created a HUGE curve ball. Not only do we now have the main event storyline. There now appears to be a Mid Card storyline between Graham and Stone. Dan's use of characters and then all having meaning is second to none. If you get a hold of this book please enjoy it.

Vatican: Unholy Alliance

Mike Brososky

Another absolutely amazing book by the author, who weaves a third tale of his vigilante Vatican. This time the hits are harder, the violence is exceeded and the stakes are raised to brand new heights.
The author does a fantastic job weaving different point of views while weaving an ongoing web of stories to be told. I also love how he incorporates little Easter eggs from his previous works.
This is definitely a read for fans of the author or the Vatican series - I simply was so immersed in the story I couldn’t put the book down. I can’t wait to see what happens next for the angel of justice!

Vatican: Unholy Alliance


What another fantastic Vatican novel. A rollercoaster from start to finish! Can’t wait for more!

Vatican: Unholy Alliance


What an absolute brilliant read. Vatican’s adventure continues in this action packed story. Got me hooked from the very first page! Definitely grab yourself a copy!!

Vatican: Unholy Alliance

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