Vatican: Angel of Justice

Father Thomas Gabriel returned to the decaying Studd City, hoping to make a difference.

The city needed a miracle. What it got was an angel, An angel of justice!


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"For everyone that still believes in heroes."

Reviews for Vatican: Angel of Justice

Randy Belaire

As a fan of the neo pulp/ superhero genre, I really enjoyed this awesome prowse adventure. Vatican reminds me a lot of a daredevil/batman feel, but Barnes makes this his own and provides a great narrative. No spoilers, so buy the book to know more, but once you start, you will have faith in both the angel of justice, and in the awesome writings of Mr. Barnes.

Vatican: Angel of Justice

Kirsty Richards

Great characters and storyline. Love how each character is bought to life with vivid descriptions. I especially enjoyed reading about Vatican’s journey to becoming the angel of justice. Looking forward to the next one.

Vatican: Angel of Justice

David Hume

Loved the Vatican book, the depth in the story n characters is brilliant, the time and effort that Dan has put in to this along with his other books is legendary my favourite of his books up to yet, I really cant wait for more.

Vatican: Angel of Justice

Baz West

I’ll admit at first I found this book a bit slow to get into, however once I got further in and then found I couldn’t put it down. Builds to a great ending but leave you wanting more and I’m so glad there are more books from this series. Once again another great book from Dan Barnes.

Vatican: Angel of Justice


Absolutely brilliant! Such great characters in a vividly detailed story, I felt like I was actually there with them. Definitely cannot wait to start the second instalment. Bring it on!!

Vatican: Angel of Justice

Mike Brososky

Every hero has their story where they started it all, and how they became the heroes we love. This is where Dan Barnes takes us with “Angel of Justice.” An origin story of a vigilante, that has not even begin to start his path of greatness. Barnes brings everything to the table on this novel and it shows with every line written. The vivid details to the cast of characters makes you feel like this is more than a hero that could grace the pages of a comic or the scenes of a movie - this could be from a real setting. I personally loved how Barnes shifted the story between a couple of characters, all intertwining to come together for the climax of the story. I definitely can’t wait to re enter the world of Vatican and his future adventures!

Vatican: Angel of Justice

Pete Stevens

This book has depth! If you're like me and enjoy the thought of a good series only to be let down by the lack on content in the following books then fear not. The depth of story telling in this book far outways the need to worry about content. I've read this from cover to cover and it's at last 30 chapters in before Vatican gets his hands dirty and by the time book is over he's only ever really faught 3 small Battles.

The author of this book knows his characters and how to bring the to life with compellingly solid story telling. In a former life the author was a professional wrestler so character development, story building and overall content development is what he's good at. Cannot wait for volume 2.

Vatican: Angel of Justice


What an adventure, this book is full of action. I absolutely cannot wait to continue Vatican’s journey!

Vatican: Angel of Justice


If you are looking for a detective story that takes you on a journey with the character this book is definitely worth reading it has you hooked from the first page to the last I can't recommend this more highly.

Vatican: Angel of Justice

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