A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

What would happen if infamous monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, was locked in an asylum with all the dreaded creatures he used to hunt? You're about to find out!

Are you a fan of the famous classic characters of horror, such as Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and Jekyll & Hyde? Do you like 'who done it's' and unique twists and turns around every corner? Then this is the book for you!

Just when you think you know all the answers Monster Home changes the questions.


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"You look confused but you need not, you are my patient and this is your new home... Mr Van Helsing!"

Reviews for A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

A monster fans treasure!!!!

Barnes's novel 'The Monster Home' is written with such a love of the genre that one cannot help but be swept away with his enthusiasm. What would happen if infamous monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, was locked in an asylum with all monstrous entities he used to hunt? For example Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde etc?
The answer lies in the macabre pages of this book which harks back to the classic Universal monsters of the past. Exciting reading ideal for dark, late nights! I highly recommend!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Murder, Mystery and Monsters!

If you are looking for a top-class story with a unique combination of monsters, murder and mystery, then this is the book for you. Mr Barnes brings these classic monsters together in spectacular fashion with great dialogue and a twisting murder mystery storyline. I highly recommend this for an enrapturing and thrilling read.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home


Very gripping. I'd recommend this book to anyone.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home


Struggled since the Twilight series to find a book I couldn't put down and then came along The Monster Home. My favourite night time read, then only complaint I'd have is the lack of sleep since not being able to stop myself from reading! Haha, you can not go wrong with purchasing this book if you want something exciting and captive to your imagination. Nostalgic with the characters you've learnt about whilst growing up and never once does it lack in descriptive brilliance.

Congratulations on such a good write.
Would recommend to anyone.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Sherry Shearhart

I just finished this book today. I started it 6 days ago. Daniel Barnes has stayed true to the characters in this book and taken us for a front seat ride for an all new story. I love that he has taken a variety of classic monsters, put them in an asylum together and thrown Abraham Van Helsing right into the centre of it. It gave us a change to see Van Helsing through the eyes of the monsters, and grow to have a soft spot for some of them. I love the big reveal near the end of the book and then the "Easter eggs" planted right at the end, which filled in the blanks. The book starts with a silence of the lambs feel ( psychological thriller) and then goes horror. But I wasn't expecting anything less knowing the other titles and genres Daniel Barnes has published. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing the journey in his next book.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home


My absolute favourite book EVER!! Contains all of the classic horror monsters in one book, what more could you want? A must buy!!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Aaron Rollinson

If your a true horror fan this book is for you,you get all of the original universal monsters mixed in with an amazing story line that you can't beat. Everyone needs a copy ofthis book.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Mike Brososky

If you’re a fan of old school movie monsters, more specifically the Universal monsters - this book is for you. Although this book features many of the old school monsters, it puts in a twist which also doubles as the plot line for story - what happens when a famous monster hunter is locked in with the very monsters he’s been hunting?
The first book from an author is truly a milestone, of not only creativity but talent. Your taken on a very dark path of questions, twist and turns all the meanwhile trying to survive a night of horror with these legendary monsters. Mr. Barnes inserts the right amount of homage to these iconic characters while also making them his own to the point you feel like you’re discovering them for the first time. I personally grew up on old school horror films and when someone incorporates them today I become very hesitant of how they will be handled. The author is very careful with this and caters to every detail we have come to love.
The story is unique and very original, by the end you will be wanting a sequel or even a prequel set in this world. With very detailed imagery, amazing characters and a very solid story - this author has no where to go but up in his future writings. I recommend this for any horror fan, any person that wants rich detail, that wants a pulsing story - hell I recommend it to all. Can’t wait to see what Mr. Barnes has next in store and hopefully one day this great book can become an adaptation on film!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

John Jeffries

Absolutely amazing book, if you're a fan of classic monsters it's a must read. Had me hooked from the first few chapters. Won't say too much as I don't want to spoil it. Another excellent book by Dan Barnes.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Damien Casey

Remember that movie company Dark Castle? It was early 00’s and they made movies like House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts. Monster Home could be a novelization of an unmade film by Dark Castle. It sets up a huge threat in an enclosed environment and then we watch as focal characters deal with multiple different classic monsters. I had a blast with this book and wish it could have been a Dark Castle movie; their penchant for horror set in huge buildings with tons of moving pieces would have been absolutely perfect for Monster Home. Monster Home does a fantastic job of establishing the characters you will follow, and even the monsters; I challenge any fan of horror from the Universal era to the modern era to not have a ton of fun reading this one.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Amy Rollinson

What an amazing book,a true classic to me that I could read over and over again. a must read to any horror fan

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Christopher Hubble

If you are looking for a horror story combined with detective stories this book is definitely worth reading it has you hooked from the first page to the last I can't recommend this more highly Congratulations on your debut novel Mr. Daniel J. Barnes Look forward to more.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Baz West

Another Dan Barnes classic. The story grips you from the start, followed by a roller coaster of twists and action, I had to keep reading when I had chance because I needed to know what was coming next.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Bryan Madden

This book is AWESOME! It is a totally unique take on the classics, and being a big fan of classic monsters, I immediately fell in love with it. Not just the concept, but the writing is amazingly descriptive. Daniel J. Barnes really immerses you in the world. I’m still reading it and I can’t wait to get to the end!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home


My god I loved this book and really wanting a second!!! Couldn’t put it down. The writing of the book was very detailed and the monsters were described in such detail you could actually visualise them. There are twist and plots throughout and you never know what’s round the corner which makes it all that more awesome have to say I did scream at the cliff hanger! Mr D Barnes you cant leave it there we are wanting a sequel!!! To all you fans that like horror the classic Monsters this ones for you!!!!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

Kirsty Richards

Thoroughly enjoyable plot! With twists and turns to keep you guessing- right until the very end. Really enjoyed getting to know each of these famous monsters. Realising there is more more to them than meets the eye.
Would definitely recommend this book!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

David Hume

Very good book for people of old school monster movies absolutely loved it cant wait to get started on his other books absolute classic

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Monster Home

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