Maple Falls Massacre

Many people believe that an ancient creature known as Blackfoot is responsible for these unexplained disappearances.

But, the truth is far worse than any urban legend.


Reviews for Maple Falls Massacre


I really enjoyed Maple Falls Massacre it's so addictive I found it difficult to put down it's well written I really like your style how you capture the characters and bring the reader into the novel In certain aspects it does make you feel cold I enjoyed the journey it's amazing how you can just sort of switch off and go to the place you imagine in the book.

Maple Falls Massacre

Baz West

I have just finished this book and I must say it’s one of the best books I’ve read for a while.
The story flows and personally I forgot I was reading and at times I was there with the characters.
This would make a great movie or a series.
My only complaint is the book ended.

Maple Falls Massacre

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