Maple Falls Massacre

Every winter dozens of people go missing in Maple Falls. Many people believe that an ancient creature known as Blackfoot is responsible for these unexplained disappearances.

But, the truth is far worse than any urban legend.


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Reviews for Maple Falls Massacre

5 stars and more

What a story definitely a must read

Maple Falls Massacre

Rebecca Harris

A fantastic read for any horror fans you won't want to put it down always wanting to know what's going to happen next.

Maple Falls Massacre

Classic Horror!

For any fan of cult classic horror and slashers! Daniel sets up his scenes with instant classic vibes and it's a real treat for the veteran horror fans out there!

Maple Falls Massacre

Beyond shock!

Very scary, should be a movie.

Maple Falls Massacre

A Must read!

Absolutely great read. Would highly recommend

Maple Falls Massacre

Won’t be disappointed!

Was hooked from the first page. Like all of Daniel’s other work, I did not want to put this down.
You won’t be disappointed!

Maple Falls Massacre

A masterclass in tension!

Barnes is an upcoming storyteller who doesn’t disappoint! I was gifted this brilliantly crafted, chilling suspense horror and what a gift! Its deliciously dark, unsettling narrative was impossible to put down!

Maple Falls Massacre

Great teen horror book

The book has everything you like from a teen slasher horror movie, the story flows and I found myself really immersed in it. Would definitely watch it if it was made into a tv program or film.

Maple Falls Massacre

Dan is a Master of his Craft!

This book, and author, definitely deserves more attention. The way Dan crafts his work with such elegance is a credit to the modern day art.

If you read only one book in 2021 make this one it. This book is written in such way that keeps you wanting more after each page. I personally struggled to put the book down.

Maple Falls Massacre

Old School Horror from New School Author!

Absolutely brilliant book. Got this at the beginning of lockdown with the intention of keeping me going for a few weeks, unfortunately managed to polish it off in a single sitting. Edge of your seat suspense with believable characters, setting and a truly iconic slasher. Fingers crossed we get a sequel to carry on the story as it definitely needs one.

Maple Falls Massacre


What an amazing book. I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed!

Maple Falls Massacre

Gruesome and relentless. Well worth the read!

Daniel Barnes has written another creepy chiller that gives you what you expect and then tips beyond your expectations. There is no mercy in the Maple Falls Massacre. This story is not for those with a weak stomach. He creates characters you route for and characters you hate. But all of it is necessary to keep you hooked chapter after chapter. You can feel the cold in your bones while reading this one. Dan Barnes is a great author to read during the spooky season! I will recommend this book to others.

Maple Falls Massacre

Great horror story

Full of tension and suspense. A classic horror story for those that love this genre.
Dan’s description of characters, settings and even the violence is so vivid that it really brings this story to life. It kept me invested in the plot and characters themselves the whole way through. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would highly recommend!

Maple Falls Massacre


Amazing book. As with all the books by Dan they have you gripped from the very beginning. Can’t wait for the next.

Maple Falls Massacre

Cult Horror

Absolutely gripping read. First book by this author I have read and I'm definitely going to be reading more. It starts off with a legend of a Bigfoot type creature, but the truth is much more nastier. Great characters and settings, and an unforgettable killer. Looking forward to reading more of this universe, excellent read, highly recommended. Great work Daniel J Barnes

Maple Falls Massacre


AMAZING!!! What a fantastic gory, spine chilling story!! Couldn’t put it down

Maple Falls Massacre

Killian H. Gore

I don't want to give spoilers, so I'll just say that I absolutely loved this book! Totally my type of horror. If you like the words of Richard Laymon, then I'm sure you'll love this too. It's brutal, it's funny, it's thrilling, it's got a great storyline and Dan Barnes has a great, very readable, style. Definitely my favourite horror book of the year. Highly recommended.

Maple Falls Massacre

Pete Stevens

Gripped. I finished this book this afternoon and I'm torn. I'm glad I've finished it in the day time but I lost the feeling of reading it at night. This isn't a reflection on the story because believe me yesterday night I was GRIPPED! This story has been written to grip and grab it does. At points when Beau Tooth was watching them through the windows I felt someone looking through mine too! Great story with what I think is a hook at the end. Maybe another book. Maybe leaving it there. Who knows....

Maple Falls Massacre

Earendil Star

The narrative started off unassuming....then it got ?????????, ??????, ??? ?????????

There's something ???????? taking place in Maple Falls and what an ?????? name.

Next, the flashback of the terror/legend - ?? ????!!!

The love scene empathetic, tender and sensitive - and... ??...????...???...??? ????? ???? ?? ???? ???

I appreciate the list of the many names of Bigfoot (pgs23-24)

?????? ???? ?? ?????'? ? ?????? ??????? ? ???? ???? ????!

Totally enjoyed it.

Maple Falls Massacre

Mark Smith

Dinner Party in a single sitting, I couldn't wait for the physical release so had to get a copy for my Kindle on day of release.

Absolutely loved it start to end (another of his books I read in a single sitting). Although the book was advertised as a horror / thriller, the start of the book confused me a little. Once I got through the prologue and the story properly got going, the title definitely made a lot more sense!

Any fan of classic horror slasher films won't be disappointed. The victims are well written, and the development between them really ramps the tension as the bodies begin to build up. Beau Tooth was such an eerie yet satisfying killer. The book left a lot of stuff unexplained (until the last few pages where everything comes together) and I cannot wait to see if the writer pens another Massacre.

Maple Falls Massacre


Out of all of dans work, this one really stands out. Constantly leaving you wanting more. It’s such a breath taking action paced story line. When I picked up the book to begin with, I couldn’t put it down. The pace of the plot really goes hand in hand with the story. This well crafted novel is great no matter if you love or have never read horrors I urge you to read this book. Once again I applaud Dan on his work.

Maple Falls Massacre

Scarlett Stuart

As I started reading this book I had no idea the wild ride that I was in for. You think one thing is going to happen and then it takes a turn that you weren’t expecting. All of the characters were absolutely wonderful in each of their own way.

It’s perfectly paced and doesn’t feel rushed at all. You’ll notice references from other authors as well. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller/ mystery as it’s become one of my favourite books that kept me on the edge of my seat with every page that I turned.

Maple Falls Massacre

Richard Nunn

I rather enjoyed this classic slasher fic. Devoured it in two nights. I particularly enjoyed the decoy protagonist at the beginning and then the time shift made it even more fun.

Maple Falls Massacre


Barnes really captures the genre in this piece, creating all the air of uncertainty in his environment and suspense in his characters. This was a fun read through and through and a difficult one to put down. All the tropes we’ve come to know and love about the slasher genre are present and accounted for but take a quick turn into subverted expectation. I would easily enjoy following maple falls dark history, as the tastes we get sprinkled throughout answer questions with more questions. The characters are engaging and together form an enjoyable dynamic to help build the reader’s attachment... but don’t get too attached! Happy Hauntings!

Maple Falls Massacre

Mike Brososky

Starting the book I had no idea what I was truthfully in for, nor prepared for the roller coaster I was about to endure. Once you open the pages your automatically whisked away into a snow covered mystery that grips you tight and doesn’t let go. Once you think you have the mystery of Maple Falls figured out, your in for a surprise.

Aside from being completely enthralled in the mystery and suspense I absolutely loved the characters. Each person doesn’t seem like names on a page, but more like people you know way before the book begins. You become deeply invested in each character as the horror progresses. The author makes every character unique yet relatable , which is hard to find - especially in this genre.

There are so many great cultural references and references to the authors other works - that when they pop up you feel like your discovering movie Easter eggs. I have nothing but praise for this book and with this reading it has easily become of my favourite suspense / thriller works.

Maple Falls Massacre


I really enjoyed Maple Falls Massacre it's so addictive I found it difficult to put down it's well written I really like your style how you capture the characters and bring the reader into the novel In certain aspects it does make you feel cold I enjoyed the journey it's amazing how you can just sort of switch off and go to the place you imagine in the book.

Maple Falls Massacre

Baz West

I have just finished this book and I must say it’s one of the best books I’ve read for a while.
The story flows and personally I forgot I was reading and at times I was there with the characters.
This would make a great movie or a series.
My only complaint is the book ended.

Maple Falls Massacre

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