Hartwaker: The End of Kings

The King of Man, Sebastian Hartwaker has been plagued by sinister visions, visions of an evil darkness threatening to consume the peaceful realm of Maglore.

His people ignored his warnings and he realised that if the realm was to be saved then the burden rested upon his shoulders.

King Sebastian set out on a quest with the difficult task of bringing together the other great houses and making them believe his words. He must persuade Giants, Fairies, Dwarves and The Mystic Circle to join together and stand against this coming darkness.

Will he succeed? or will the peaceful realm succumb to the darkness?

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Reviews for Hartwaker: The End of Kings


I've just started this book but I cannot put it down! I'm not a big reader so takes a good book to get me hooked and this book did just that! Can't wait to continue until the very end. Makes you really interact with the characters and drift into a magical and mystic world and I love it!

Hartwaker: The End of Kings


What an absolute masterpiece. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It has everything that a fantasy novel needs, amazing characters, weird and wonderful creatures and a villain so bad even satan would quiver. Bye bye game of thrones, Hartwaker's in town!!

Hartwaker: The End of Kings

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