A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

A year after the events of the Monster Home, the Secret Hunters Horde put new plans into effect to track down the worlds greatest monster Hunter.

New Hunter Jackson Harrier has the task of tracking down the missing agent whose codename is Condor and unfortunately for him he’s not the only one on the trail.

To make matters even worse a new horror as emerged in the Canadian wilderness. The Hunter becomes the Hunted in Finding Condor.


"A Secret Hunters Horde Story"

Reviews for A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

John Jeffries

Being a massive fan of Monster Home, I was eagerly awaiting this sequel. I was not disappointed, it has an amazing story, I won't go into to much detail to avoid spoilers, but it's just as action packed and exciting as Monster Home. As with all of Dan's work it's part of a larger universe and If you've also read Maple Falls Massacre and welcome to Crimson expect some Easter eggs and links to them. The DJB universe is shaping up very nicely and expanding brilliantly. Very Pratchett like.
Excellent read. Highly recommended and great work Dan. Looking forward to what you do in this universe next.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

Baz West

Excellent book,
It’s hard to review dans books without using the same words and phrases, however I really enjoyed this book, I like how it continued from monster home but without constantly referencing it and became it’s own story. It was a great journey and never a dull moment. Only negative is I finished the book and felt like I could of read more haha.
Nice work look forward to the next shh instalment.

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor


What an amazing sequel to Monster Home. This adventure sees new characters and new monsters!! Grab your copy it’s a must read!!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

Fantastic read ☆☆☆☆☆

Finding condor was a amazing read, it follows on from were monster home (another fantastic read) left us and what a great roll coaster it was reading this book, it was great paced and had me wanting to read the next page to give me more and more. If you love monsters,monster hunters and also evil villains then this book is definitely for you can't recommend enough 10/10 and a big 5 stars

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

The greatest sequel!!

Wow!! What a brilliant sequel to Monster Home. Amazing characters and creatures! A must read for any monster home fans, and if you haven’t read it, buy both!!

A Secret Hunters Horde story: Finding Condor

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