Fear Trigger

A psychological ghost story with a message for all on mental health and well being.

Jack Heron must venture back to his childhood home, where he must confront the apparitions that dwell inside the old Heron House and tortured him as a child. It is time for Jack to face his fears.


"A psychological ghost story with a message for all on mental health and well being "

Reviews for Fear Trigger

Baz West

Simply put another awesome book from this author, it’s hard to put this book down when you start reading, what a journey.

Fear Trigger


A brilliant read! A rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish

Fear Trigger

Christopher Hubble

I really enjoyed this book I finished it in three days I was hooked from the first page it is a really good read I think that everyone can enjoy this book it's not scary and sometimes makes you think what would I do in this situation.

Fear Trigger

Pepper DeLuca

This was a great read for me. I had been waiting for this book for a long time. I got a digital copy an read it on my tablet. It was great to see the flow of the story and the heart of the writer in it. Can’t wait to see more from the author.

Fear Trigger

Kirsty Richards

This book had me gripped from the start! Vivid descriptions bring the story and characters to life. The book, provided plenty of scary moments, leaving me with goosebumps. A must read for any horror fans.
But the story also has an important message to convey, which added a different and interesting dimension to the book. Would definitely recommend!

Fear Trigger

Helen Brookes

I started this book this morning and just couldn’t put it down!! Well Mr D Barnes you have done it again another gripping story that everyone can relate to in their own way. The writing was exceptional and I was hanging on every word! I was there right in the moment absolutely amazing read didn’t want it to end. For anyone that had not checked out this author yet please do you will not be disappointed!!!

Fear Trigger

Mike Brososky

Another absolutely amazing book by the very talented author. This book not only traverses you down a dark road that Stephen King would be proud of - it also follows with a shining beam of light that leaves a great message. The book was beautifully detailed and every page was another anxiety ridden step into the mind of the main character.
Written in a time where fear has taken a stronghold on everyone, this book not only distracts you from the ugly of the outside world but gives you something more powerful than fear … hope. Hope that the darkness can go away and better days will come.
High praise again for the author and his work

Fear Trigger

Patrick Scattergood

I love books with a psychological slant. I don't mind if that slant points towards horror, thriller or any other genre as long as it takes a new look at a genre that can sometimes be overloaded with books that follow the same path.

Fear Trigger is written by comic book creator Daniel J. Barnes so, being familiar with his comics, I was expecting something very good. He's known for his fast pacing, interesting and unique characters as well as a prose like writing style.

Here, all of those are present and then some. The fast pace is there but Barnes doesn't fall in to the normal trap of speeding to the end of their story. Instead, despite the fast pace, there's enough time to get to know the characters and their motivations.

I've seen a lot of reviews saying that this book is one that you will speed through and will hook you in. I completely agree with that. I was blown away by how quickly it grabbed my attention and held me gripped throughout the entire story. Twists and turns are thrown at you in quick succession but they work. I was worried that it might dull the effect of the next twist but it really didn't nor did it feel like a game of one upping the twist that came before. Instead they were perfectly placed to surprise the reader the most.

I have to admit that it's hard to write a review for a book like this because I would hate to include any spoilers so I will leave it there but say one more thing. Get your hands on this book, it will be one that you will want to devour as soon as you are holding it.

Fear Trigger

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