Blood Stained Canvas

Delve into the world of professional wrestling, and follow all the drama of life on the road as one man’s career draws to a close and how it effects everyone’s life within that bubble.

Welcome to a bizarre strange place, Where things may not make sense to you, the outsiders. Witness a sport. A circus. A way of life! Come with me as we delve into a world of lies, deceit and politics. A world of smoke and mirrors. A place for many lost souls, all searching for a purpose in and yearning for acceptance in a make believe world. For the majority it is a short stay, For others it’s a slow agonising death! But it all happens on a BLOOD STAINED CANVAS!


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"Watchmen meets The Wrestler - Neil Burke"

Reviews for Blood Stained Canvas

G Funk

Absolutely loved this. Great read from a brilliant author. Check out the rest of Mr D Barnes collection

Blood Stained Canvas


It's The Watchmen meets The Wrestler!

Blood Stained Canvas

Kirsty Richards

Loved this book! I enjoyed delving into the behind the scenes world of wrestling, with loads of inside secrets about how they actually do what they do.
But at the same time you don’t need to be a big fan of wrestling to enjoy the book and storyline. Because as always with Dan’s writing, the characters and plot are as interesting and entertaining as ever. A real page turner, it will keep you gripped to the end!

Blood Stained Canvas

Matthew Brown

Fantastic read from start to finish. It’s a great story for wrestling fans or not to escape the real world and see the drama that unfolds outside of the ring as well as within the squared circle.

Blood Stained Canvas

Great for fans and non fans of wrestling alike

Great book, if you’re a wrestling fan or not, tells a great story and I couldn’t stop reading.
The story flows and there aren’t any/many dips.
Some nice little nods to the legends of wrestling in and out the ring.

Blood Stained Canvas

Wrestling fans will love it

What a book a must read for wrestling fans

Blood Stained Canvas


Another brilliant read from this excellent author!
Check out all his other work!

Blood Stained Canvas

One of the best books I’ve ever read!

What an amazing book I’m through my 2nd time reading it and it won’t be the last time I read it as it’s fun each time. Truly amazing will recommend for anyone to read!

Blood Stained Canvas

Damian Hill

From start to finish I was engaged with all the characters and felt like I was taking a peak behind the curtain and taking a backstage look into the cartoon world of wrestling. I was really impressed with the overall pace of the story and the fact the writer has managed to create stories for each character without it going against the flow of the narrative, the wrestlers stories were believable and I’m sure the writer must have some knowledge on the subject he has written as it feels like he’s managed to get into the head of the rough lives the wrestlers have whilst also not forgetting the highs they get in front of a crowd. I hope there is a sequel to this, I would definitely like to see what the future holds for some of my favourite characters.

Blood Stained Canvas

Christopher Hubble

This book is for anyone whether you are a fan of wrestling or not the book takes you on a journey and gets you involved. If you aren't a wrestling fan it might convert you and you might find yourself wanting to check out your local wrestling promotion. I can't recommend this book more highly.

Blood Stained Canvas

Amy Rollinson

Wow! What an incredible story. I haven’t been much of a wrestling fan since I was younger, but you don’t have to be for this extremely well wrote novel. Action packed until the very end, with so many emotional moments, I just could not put it down. Another amazing novel Dan. Thank you!

Blood Stained Canvas

Baz West

Great read from start to finish. As a wrestling fan I picked up on the hidden nods to the stars growing up. I’m not a fast reader but I got through this book fairly quick because it just flowed, there were no boring bits or filler. The last 100 pages got me gripped and I read those last few chapters feeling as if I was there.

Blood Stained Canvas

Pete Stevens

I'd be remiss if I didn't admit to being friends with the Author but I also will admit to telling people that before I knew DJB the Author I knew Danny Devine, The Metrosexual. The wrestler. Over the years Dan had a few runs at our great sport for which I was a referee and things didn't always go according to the brief. Everytime he got back on the horse he achieved more. It was like he'd never left. I was fortunate enough to work a lot of Dan's last run in the ring as indeed it was my last run too. My point to this open of a review about a book is that as much as this is a work of fictitious creative writing. To those who know Dan it's also at times like his life story. Especially the end of Randy Rogans run (minus the murder). The story is well planned out again like all of Dan's work and totally different to the other titles DJB has penned although set loosely within the Confines of Studd City. The 'universe' if you will for which the author creates his visions. This book is a fantastic read generally but if you're a wrestling fan looking for a fiction novel based on wrestling that doesn't REALLY exist as a genre then I would jump all over this if I was you.

Blood Stained Canvas

Dan Cottingham

Blood Stained Canvas is part gritty drama and part warts-and-all memoir from someone who has been in that world. Be warned, this is not a rose-tinted and romantic account from a wrestling fan. This is an emotional tale of scandal, passion and intrigue that will have you turning the pages. The cast of characters are fun and diverse but more importantly, you actually care about what happens to them - I'm not afraid to admit that I welled up at more than once.

If you're a wrestling fan, read it. If you're not a wrestling fan, read it. If you can read, read it.

Blood Stained Canvas

Patrick Scattergood

As a wrestling fan, from my childhood to now, when Dan Barnes announced they were going to come out with this book, I was excited. I knew him from watching him perform as the wrestler Danny Devine, so I had high hopes. I also knew that he had a love for the 80's as well as a love for wrestling.

What we ended up with here was a superbly written and paced look at a fictional wrestlers career from the beginning through to the end. There were highs, lows, laughter, tears, it had it all. The thing that I loved the most was the characters. Even the background characters were fully formed and and had distinct personalities. My only complaint, character wise, was that I wanted to know a little more of Glen's story but, that's a personal taste, as I felt sorry and protective of the character so I would love to see more of him.

There are some superb twists and turns, including an absolute shocking ending, that kept me on the edge of my seat. The descriptions of the matches, even the backstage stuff, was spot on. I absolutely loved Dan's view of it all as it came across as authentic without feeling overbearing.

This is the second of his books I've read, Fear Trigger was the other, and this one was even better than the superb FT. It won't be long until I read Blood Stained Canvas again, it really is that good.

Also, keep an eye out for some of the Easter eggs, involving some wrestling legends that Barnes sneaked in to the book too, as some of them were near perfectly fitted in. Some will make you laugh and others will give you a wonderful wave of nostalgia.

Well worth picking up, especially if you are a wrestling fan.

Blood Stained Canvas


I read this book in 2 days had me gripped from the start. Delve into the world of a wrestler share with him his emotions the tough challenges he as to face along the way and decisions he as to make. But most of all Share what really goes on behind a wrestlers eyes and what they really have to go through. I could go on but I don’t want to ruin anything for the readers!

Blood Stained Canvas

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