Blood Stained Canvas

Welcome to a bizarre strange place,
Where things may not make sense to you, the outsiders.
Witness a sport.
A circus.
A way of life!
Come with me as we delve into a world of lies, deceit and politics.
A world of smoke and mirrors.
A place for many lost souls, all searching for a purpose in and yearning for acceptance in a make believe world.
For the majority it is a short stay,
For others it’s a slow agonising death!
But it all happens on a

"Watchmen meets The Wrestler - Neil Burke"

Reviews for Blood Stained Canvas


I read this book in 2 days had me gripped from the start. Delve into the world of a wrestler share with him his emotions the tough challenges he as to face along the way and decisions he as to make. But most of all Share what really goes on behind a wrestlers eyes and what they really have to go through. I could go on but I don’t want to ruin anything for the readers!

Blood Stained Canvas

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